PG1851 e.window® BLACKCUBE 18cm wok with Stainless Steel Lid (Single Sided)

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BLACKCUBE is designed to perform well with all cooktops ,even induction. The Tri-ply structure (Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Stainless Steel) conducts heat evenly & fast and so enables to cook delicious foods keeping the natural tastes of ingredi

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Non-stick DAIKIN® coating from Japan combined with a marvelous BLACKCUBE pattern technology shows amazing effect of non-stick & non-scratch than other normal products.

BLACKCUBE pattern and high-quality non-stick coating enables to cook less oil.With BLACKCUBE healthier cooking is possible. Can be used with stainless steel tools.

BLACKCUBE is designed to perform well with all cooktops, even induction. The Tri-ply structure (Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Stainless Steel) conducts heat evenly & fast and so enables to cook delicious foods keeping the natural tastes of ingredients. And it is also energy efficient and has a long lifetime.

The surface of the BLACKCUBE to maximize Non-Stick & Non-Scratch effect. The bottom of the BLACKCUBE protect dirt during cooking and early to clean.

All e.window BLACKUBE Stainless Steel Cookware are carefully crafted using original casting technique of Korean Standards.Thus our
products are extremely durable and energy efficient whilst low fat healthy food can be easily achieved.

BLACKUBE Stainless Steel cookware is extremely easy to use and clean.Before using for the first time please rinse the cookware
thoroughly with warm water and a drpo fo detergent.Then,wipe it dry and rud the inner surface of the cookware with any edible oil,
such as rape seed or sunflower oil.

Tips no.1:Energy Saving:
Energy-Saving cooking technique enhances Food Quality

BLACKUBE Stainless Steel Cookware transfers heat swiftly and stores heat for a significant period.Users can thus reduce temperature
after a short period without the overall cooking experience being compromised.This energy saving mechanism can save energy by
one-third compared with trditional cookware.

Whats more:

● To further reduce energy consumption and wastage the diameter of the hob is recommended to be similar to the base of the cookware.
●  If gas cooker is used the area of direct flame should be no larger then the base of the cookware
●  BLACKUBE’s”3-Layers structure”(Stainless Steel-Aluminum -Stainless Steel) is thicker,harder and more solid.As such even long
after the cooker is no longer in use the food temperature within the cookware would not decline rapidly.
●  Choose cookware size suitable to food capacity is recommended. For best results 2/3 of the cookware capacity should be filled.

Tips no.2:Additional Heat:

BLACKUBE stainless Steel cookware transfers heat swiftly. The cookware temperature can reach 200C within 1 minutes after heating.
Thus only low heat is needed in order to cook healthy food.

Burnt and residues left behind from oil fat could stick onto the cookware if oil temperature is too high over a long period,making
the cookware harder to wash. Such stains could even damage and deteriorate the non-stick function of the cookware.

It is recommended that BLACKUBE Stainless Steel cookware should be used by following the below procedures:

●  Add oil before preheating the cookware using medium heat
●  Test oil temperature by dipping the head of a dry wooden chopstick into the cooking oil.The preheated oil is suitable for cooking
once bubbles started to appear around the chopstick.Oil temperature is already too high if flame started to appear.
●  Heat temperature should be reduced by 30% and cooking may begin once oil temperature is ready.

Tips no.3:Cookware Performance:

No need to worry if scratches begin to appear:
●  Whilst BLACKUBE Stainless Steel cookware is constructed using hard and solid material wear and tear, including discolouring could
begin to appear when use over a period of time.As this is not abnormal the cookware can still be used.

Tips no.4:Cooking Utensils:

In order to reduce the chance of damaging the external surfaces of the cookware avoid using any sharp-edged utensils.Heat resistant
silicone or wooden utensils,which could prolong the durability of the cookware,are recommended.

Tips no.5:Cleaning the Cookware:

BLACKUBE Stainless Steel cookware is coated with a superb layer of non-stick surface,as such it should only need to be rinsed using
hot water and a small amount of washing up liquid.This cookware can be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning.

PLEASE NOTE:Whilst BLACKUBE Stainless Steel cookware is constructed using hard and durable materials there can still be possibility
of wear and tear.Thus when cleaning please avoid using metal brushes or any other sharp utensils which could scratch or damage cookware’s
non-stick surfaces.

TIPS:To maximize the cookware’s non-stick function performance wash away leftover burns and fat thoroughly after cooking.

Tips no.6:When using lnduction cooker:

To avoid scratching the ceran surface of the hob,please do not shuffle the cookware and always lift the product when repositioning.
Place the cookware’gently’onto the hob always.

e.window BLACKUBE Stainless Steel Cookware:PFOA-Free