PG1696 E.Window® Diatomite Dry Board

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The moment any frozen / wet cups or mugs stands on e.window® Diatomaceous cat shaped ice cube coaster it dries quickly and surprising absorbent!

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What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomite means a natural mineral that plankton (diatom) inhabited in sea and lakes during Cretaceous period, accumulated over the years and fossilized.

Prevents fungi/mite Diatomite is fossil soil.

So unlike textiles, it has no place where bacterium and fungi can propagate. It breathes autonomously from “pores” (holes), so it keeps the state where surface is always dry.

Surprising absorbency!

Due to its porous feature, countless “pores” (holes) in diatomaceous earth will absorb the moisture on the mat, and then release the moisture on the mat, and then release the moisture through autonomous breathing when the moisture absorbed reaches a certain amount. Even this process cannot dry it out; it can still keep a comfortable feeling surface. 

Produced using natural  Diatomaceous  material, this multi-function  Diatomaceous Cat Shaped Ice Cube has the function of absorbing moisture and smell, as well as preventing mold creation. 

By placing the  Cat Shaped Ice Cube inside seasonings such as sugars, salts and herbs, or even tea leafs, this Diatomaceous Cat Shaped Ice Cube can avoid damp caused by moisture, keeping food fresh and clean.

  • What’s more, it is easy to clean and look after. 
  • After used for a long period, if moisture absorption function is found to be deteriorating, please place the product to dry in a cool environment away from direct sunlight. 
  • Please keep this diatomaceous product away from direct sunlight and please DO NOT dry the product using hairdryer, as crack may appear as the result.

Depending on the level of moisture within which the Diatomaceous Sticks is placed, under normal circumstances it can be used continuously over 1-2 months period each time, before needing to dry in a cool environment. Please do not soak the product.

Warning: This product is not eatable. Please keep away from children.

Size: 40cm x 37cm x 10cm