PG1375 e.window® KLEON Cutting Board – 445 x 308 mm


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e.window® cutting boards – A perfect marriage of design and function!


Thanks to e.window® antimicrobial protection built-in during the manufacturing process, all cutting boards manufactured by KLEON® provide continuous antimicrobial protection that helps to prevent the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria, a perfect and must-have item for those who take hygiene and cleanliness seriously!


What’s more, it comes with the following features:

  • Made of high quality and durable non-porous, non-absorbent material,
  • Made of material that will not dull knives,
  • Reversible for use on both sides,
  • Contain juice-collecting grooves,
  • Available in different sizes,
  • Dishwasher safe

PLEASE NOTE: Normal cleaning practices should not be substituted by KLEON® protection. It is not designed to protect users against food-borne illness.



Dimension: 445 x 308 mm