PG1316 Elegant Window® Non-Slip Mat Roll (60 x 1200 cm)


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Slippery floor can easily lead to accidents!  Elegant Window® Non-Slip Mat solves this issue effectively no matter you are in kitchen, bathroom or by the pool.  Our non-slip mat reduces the chance of slip injuries.  

Elegant Window® Non-Slip Mat can be used:


  • in the doorway: porous design removes the dust from the soles, prevents dirt being brought indoors, so less scratches and more cleanness to the floor.
  • in the kitchen: Oil drops spilled from cooking and water from washing-up are great hazard in the kitchen and can cause slip injury or a death trap. With our Non-Slip Mat on the kitchen floor, these kinds of danger can be avoided.
  • inside/outside the bathtub: the hollowed-center tubing mat gives an “air-cushion” effect which makes you relax with a hot shower and keep you away from the cold surface of the tub or the floor.
  • by the pool: wet floor around the pool can be especially slippery. Placing our non-slip mat around it will greatly prevent slip injuries and bacteria growth. We have different sizes and length to fit your needs.
  • Children/seniors’ multi-function room: it can cause permanent injuries or grave consequences if children or the seniors fall by accident. Prevention is better than cure. Non-Slip Mat provides a good resilience which reduces the chance from slip or fall.

Elegant Window® Non-Slip Mats can be cleaned easily.  Just shake away or vacuum the dust.  For thorough cleansing, hose the mat down with water and apply mild detergent to greasy spots.


Size:  60 cm x 1200 cm

Color:  Red, green and blue.



  • Precaution against accidents is still needed.
  • Sunlight and temperature out of optimal range (10℃ ~ 60℃) will affect the color and the durability of the mat.

Blue, Red, Green