PG1231 Elegant Window® Easy Food Bag (2 Medium Bags)


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Vacuum-packing can be done at home now .  Vacuum-packing stores food in a vacuum environment, usually in an air-tight bag , which strips bacteria of oxygen needed for survival and reduces loss of flavor from oxidation.


Elegant Window® Easy Food Bag is specially designed for these purposes, vacuum state makes no room for bacteria, hence food can be kept fresher and longer.  This 5-layer film Easy Food Bag : 

  • keeps freshness
  • reduces loss of flavor and reduces smell come out
  • decreases food wastage
  • is light and safe for carrying, more convenient for outdoor use
  • minimizes storage capacity

Easy to use:

1.      place the food into the bag

2.      close the bag with the zipper clip

3.      place the nozzle of the Easy Pump onto the valve of the Easy Food Bag,  pump up and down for several times till all the air is out.  Detach the pump and the valve is closed.

4.      to take out the food, just hold the zipper on both side and open it.  Wash the bag clean for re-use



  • Do not use the bag in heating devices
  • Do not use the bag for storing sharp objects and powder
  • Do not bend the zipper, changed shape of the zipper will affect the air tightness of the bag
  • Pump on flat surface 


Medium (32cm x 27cm) – 2 pcs


Caution: Keep the bags out of reach of children, miss-uses of the bags may cause suffocation.