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FTB-F12 28cm Wok (1.2mmt)

FTB-F12 28cm Wok (1.2mmt)
FTB-F12 28cm Wok (1.2mmt)
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FTB-F12 28cm Wok (1.2mmt)
FTB-F12 28cm Wok (1.2mmt)
FTB-F12 28cm Wok (1.2mmt)
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Iron /Steel WOK


Japan Nitride
Steel Wok
    ▪ Short Life time
  >> Strong and Durable
  ▪ Easily Rust Steel Wok
  >> Highly resistant to Rust
  ▪ Need a repeated seasoning
  >>Complete one time seasoning




Gas nitriding is a surface-hardening heat treatment that introduces nitrogen in the surface of steel at a high temperature range of 500~to 550 degree, while the parts are at the nitriding temperature. The process is continue for several hours by the conditions of materials and atmosphere.     


The High temperature -surface treatment process produce the oxidative layer on the carbon steel/iron. The oxidative layer 5 times harder than the steel/iron and prevent the rusting of a pan.     


  • - Improved corrosion resistant to rust
  • - High surface hardness.
  • - Good wear resistance
  • - Improve fatigue life time




The nitride steel Wok & frying pan did not have any chemical coating.
The special treatments prevent rusting of a pan by the Oxidative layer which is 5 times harder than the steel. It is not easily deforming by the strong fire     


Extreme rust-resistance, no need pay attention to take care from the rust.
High-Temp Nitro treatment makes the pan completely rust-resistant     


On the process of the treatments, the surface has a countless small holes.
The small holes absorb the oil and leave in the holes, you can cooking smoothly and without stick the foods on the surface.
The more you use this wok, the more its surface becomes non-stick.     


The special surface treatment ensure Easy cleaning and Keeping well.     


[ HOW TO USE ]     


The pan needs a one time pre-seasoning by the heating & oiling before cooking.     



Cleaning the wok with the warm water & detergent and wipe off with dry towel     



Fill in the Wok with the Oil about 30%     



Boil the oil about 5 minute and pure the heated oil to the other bowl. And the Wok is ready to Cooking     



Cleaning the Wok with kitchen towel or brushing. Do no washing it with the detergent     





Extremely rust-resistant !!
Nitride Steel Wok & Frypan made by Japan technology
Highly Resistant the Rust, Strong and Easy-care! The special surface treatment ensure easier cooking and keeping,


*By storing and transferring enough heat to the ingredients, it makes the stir-fries crisp and grilling fragrant.
*You can expect more non-stick performance by daily cooking
*Can be use for many years, over 10 years It is highly resistant to scratches, strong, and durable.
*The iron used for this pan is harmless to the human body and you can take in the iron every time you cook.
*It is not harmed by acid or alkali, so you don’t need to worry about using any materials or seasonings.
*Any kind of the cooking devices is available including Gas stove and 200VIH (electrical cooker).



Easy Clean and Care     

The surface of the nitride steel pan is 5 times harder than the original steel and very high resistance for the rust. There is no need to be bothered by the complicated care since it’s resistant to rust. Do not washing the pan with detergent after cooking the food.
We recommend the cleaning with the kitchen paper towel or brushing the pan.     



Made in Japan