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PG1703 e.window® Pink Gold 24cm Casserole Set

PG1703 e.window® Pink Gold 24cm Casserole Set
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E.Window ® "Pink Gold" coating uses Korea's advanced coating material, in that its non-stick function is supreme and it uses almost 1/2 less cooking oil than conventional cookware. AS such it promotes healthy living.     


Its non-stick function is long lasting. Its aluminum body is strong and sturdy. It passes the relevant SGS safety tests.


E.Window ® Korean "Pink Gold" cookware series does not contain and emit PFOS & PFOA, which are harmful to human health.


The induction bottom is produced using extra thick stainless steel technique. This enables the cookware to heat evenly as well as enhancing its durability.


E.Window ® Korean "Pink Gold" cookware series is acid resistance, alkali resistance, high oil resistance and can endure high temperature. Only medium to low heat is needed to cook to reduce fuel consumption. This in turn saves energy as the result.


It is easily washed. Only a small amount of detergent is needed to wash. It can be used in dish-washing machine also.


1. Proper usage procedures:


  • a. Warm the cookware in 1 minute with some cooking oil under low/medium heat before your first start cooking, or boiling the cookware with certain amount of washing rice-liquid for about 15 minutes before your first start cooking.
  • b. Always use under low-medium heat to prevent food from sticking to the cookware.
  • c. If food sticks to the cookware when keep using continuously, wash with a neutral detergent and non-abrasive sort scouring pad and repeat step a.
  • d. Avoid strong and hard impact or shocked against the inner and outer surfaces of the cookware. If the inner, outer and bottom coating has slight scratches on the surface, the cookware can still be used without any side-effects caused.
  • e. Always apply small amount of cooking oil when you start cooking unless the food contains high amount of fat, such as goose liver or pork belly. Applying cooking oil is highly recommended for avoiding dry-burning the coating layer.(Excessive heat without any oil or water may result in staining the cookware.)

2. mproper usage,DO NOT:

  • a. Do not heat an empty cookware for a prolonged period of time.
  • b. Do not use high heat. The cookware has a high level of heat conductivity. Low/medium heat will be sufficient.
  • c. Do not use steel or metal utensils, as this will Silicone/Nylon and wooden utensils are recommended.
  • d. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials when cleaning the cookware both inside and outside.
  • e. Do not keep salty and greasy food in cookware for a long time. Clean and wash immediately after each used to avoid any sticks and stained on the surface of the cookware. If stained, boiling with water about 15 minutes cleans with neutral detergent and non-abrasive sort scouring pad.

(For Glass Lid)

  • a. The glass lid is tempered one, not heat resistant, and it can be broken if receive heat shock or severe physical shocks.
  • b. Do not put Glass Lid inside the microwave and oven when in use.
  • c. Do not keep the glass lid in the freezer for long time and when take it out of the freezer, please leave it to thaw completely before cooking.
  • d. The glass lid must not be in direct contact with naked flame at all time.

Made in Korea