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PG1668 Elegant Window® Diatomite Drying Pad

What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomite means a natural mineral that plankton (diatom) inhabited in sea and lakes during Cretaceous period,accumulated over the years and fossilized.

Prevents fungi/mite Diatomite is fossil soil.

So unlike textiles, it has no place where bacterium and fungi can propagate. It breathes autonomously from "pores" (holes), so it keeps the state where surface is always dry.

Surprising absorbency!

Due to its porous feature, countless "pores" (holes) in diatomaceous earth will absorb the moisture on the mat, and then release the moisture on the mat, and then release the moisture through autonomous breathing when the moisture absorbed reaches a certain amount. Even this process cannot dry it out; it can still keep a comfortable feeling surface. 

With an effective dehumidification effect and designed to save space, this E.Window Diatomaceous Hangtag is attached with a leather string and can be hung easily in wardrobes. Furthermore, unlike other dehumidification products, E.Window Diatomaceous Hangtag is long lasting and does not have to be replaced often, making it more practical and economical to use.

Other than wardrobes it can also be installed inside a footwear to absorb smell and moisture.


  • Easy to clean. No need washing.

  • It can be used for a long time. If the dehumidification effect gradually weakened after a certain period place the tag in a cool place away from the sun or water.

  • Please DO NOT expose the hangtag in direct sunlight or dry the product with a hairdryer, as it may crack as the result.

  • When not in use please keep the hangtag in a safe place to avoid breakage.

  • It can absorb moisture automatically once taken out from the packaging. Very easy to use and save space.

  • It can also be inserted inside a footwear to absorb smell and moisture

  • Avoid mold, smell and moisture, this product is easy to clean.

  • Depending on the level of moisture within the environment, usually this product can be used in wardrobe for 1 to 2 months, in footwear for 2 to 3 months before needing to dry in a cool place.

Size:W80 x H100 x D10(MM)