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PG1661 e.window® “BLACKCUBE" 34cm Wok


Non-stick DAIKIN® coating from Japan combined with a marvelous BLACKCUBE pattern technology shows amazing effect of non-stick & non-scratch than other normal products.

BLACKCUBE pattern and high-quality non-stick coating enables to cook less oil.With BLACKCUBE healthier cooking is possible. Can be used with stainless steel tools.

BLACKCUBE is designed to perform well with all cooktops, even induction. The Tri-ply structure (Stainless Steel - Aluminium - Stainless Steel) conducts heat evenly & fast and so enables to cook delicious foods keeping the natural tastes of ingredients. And it is also energy efficient and has a long lifetime.

The surface of the BLACKCUBE to maximize Non-Stick & Non-Scratch effect. The bottom of the BLACKCUBE protect dirt during cooking and early to clean.


"BLACKCUBE"Double sides stainless steel cookware series: