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What is Silicone?
Silicone is being recognized as the World's most environmental friendly material free of heavy metals and toxic substances. At present, Countries like Europe, America, Japan and some others have been using Silicone materials commonly to replace the PVC material. Silicone is also being widely used in medical, beauty & electronics technologies.
Silicone has been widely used by the baby pacifier manufacturers, and is called the “Silicone = nipple material” .
1. Excellent performance and stability under high and low temperature differences, from -40 ˚ C to +280 ˚ C 
2. Excellent weather resistance: without causing aging, hardening, cracking, spalling, corruption, or brittling. 
3. Silicone deployment has achieved the following safety and reliability certification; 
A. (FDA) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration 
B. (NIH) - National Institutes of Health
C. (UL) - Underwriters Laboratories

Because of the above advantages, Elegant Window brand is focusing on using the Silicone related raw materials to develop a series of kitchen appliances which bring good health and comfort to all families, as well as to help supporting a more environmental friendly World.

What is the difference of Elegant Window Cookware compare with the non-stick surface cookware in the market?
Our Cookware is coated with 5 layers, they are:
  1. Marble Ceramica Coating;
  2. Nano-Silver Coating
  3. Ceramica Coating;
  4. Aluminium Diecasting;
  5. Heat-resistant Coating

They are PTFE & PFOA-free, which can reduce CO2 emission for production, and absolutely free of harmful chemicals. It has excellent non-stick coating and with extremely scratches resistant and durable. No toxic fumes emitted while cooking. So that it is a 100% eco-friendly product.

When I use the pan/wok the first time, what should I do? How can I maintain the Pan & Wok in good condition afterward?
Please see our User Manual printed on the Packing Box or download it from the “Download” page, and follow the instruction in the manual. Or if you have other questions which you cannot find in the User Manual, send enquiry to, our customer service will reply you shortly.
Can the Silicone products be used in the Oven or Microwave?
Our Silicone products are food grade safe and heat resistant which can be used from -40˚C to +280˚C, so it is safe to use it in the electric or gas Oven, Microwave and freezers.(Except those utensils with stainless steel handle like turners, oil brush, spatula etc. cannot be used in microwave.)
Is Silicone easy to clean?
Yes, you can simply wipe clean it with a damp cloth, or wash in warm soapy water.