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About Us


The founder of the Elegant Window brand, our mother company, Pure Glory Limited was founded in 1987. Since then our brand name Elegant Window has been established and built upon by being a producer and distributor of household products for the local market as well as abroad.

With over 33 years of exertion, we have also earned a distinguished reputation as being an importer in the local market bringing in high quality household items from abroad, especially products from Korea. To date we have successfully ushered some internationally renowned brands, such as Neoflam, Keepeez, Microban etc. as their sole agent in Hong Kong.

Vision and Missions:

“Advancing the art and science of household products”

Our aim is to provide safe, high quality, valuable and innovative household products with extensive functionalities as well as beauties for a much better and improved standard of living.

Quality First:

Such concern for quality and innovation extends to a wide range of products on offer. This shall continue to be our top priority and shall continue to ingrain into the core of our business strategy and concept. Practically we shall continue to keep to the same rigorous safety and quality standards as our international brands. In order to respond better to our customers’ diverse preferences, needs and aspirations we shall continue to expand on our product portfolios.

Local and Worldwide Markets:

Our products are being sold widely in most of the major Department Stores, Supermarkets, and some reliable retail stores in Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

We are now expanding our market to Europe and South East Asia. To cope with the ever increasing demand for our products, a new series of Home and Kitchen products are being introduced, including the eco-friendly Silicone related products.