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Privacy Policy


Privacy policy

We would protect your privacy after you register as our member. Any personal data, including comment and enquiry, would help us give you a happy and satisfactory shopping experience in our website, and provide us a platform to improve our products and services.

What information would we collect?

To protect your privacy, we would only collect the information for the above purpose, and to make sure the order, payment and delivery can successfully process. The information we would collect including:

1)      Name (Chinese and English)

2)      Contact information (For example: Mobile, Home, Fax, Address and Email, etc.)

3)      Sex

4)      Member name

5)      Password

6)      Birth month

7)      Enquiry, Comment, Suggestion (Selective, if suitable)

To have a better shopping experience, we would improve our product quality and service. We would also send you information about our product, service and promotion through email.

Order/Payment information

When you order in our website, you need to give us credit card information and delivery address. The purpose is only for make sure the order can complete and deliver the products to your register address. Your credit card or bank information will only use for the payment but not any other purpose. If you are using Paypal for the payment, we will not get your credit card information.

Share information

We would keep confidential of the information you provide to us. However, we must provide your information to others list below, in terms of the privacy policy:

i)                 The people who execute the protection of privacy policy

ii)                The company or people who are involving in the transaction

iii)               Anyone who can get the information according to the privacy policy, but they should get permission before using the information

We will not sale, exchange, distribute, send or rent your information except the above listings.

Any other matters and/or instances which have not been covered by the above shall be decided upon by the company. The final decision shall rest on the sole discretion of the company unless the laws of Hong Kong SAR state otherwise.

DEFINITIONS: “We”, “us”, “our” or “the company” means Pure Glory Limited, whereas “you”, “your”, “a person” or “the customer” means the user of this internet site (also known as “the site” or “”).