PG1858 e.window®Microwavable Square Stainless Steel Food Container (Plastic Lid) 500ml

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130 x 130 x 45mm
CAUTION:Remove the lid first before use in microwave / oven/Steamer.

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This stainless steel food container is made using 304 Food Grade safe stainless steel material.
It can withstand temperature of between -40°C to 400°C.
It can be used in microwave, as tested and approved by German TÜV
It is easy to clean, and does not leave smell
Can be used in microwave ovens, ovens, steam ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashersStainless steel is easy to clean and leaves no odour.
The sealing cover contains a silicone leak-proof rubber ring, which enables better leak-proof effect while prolonging food freshness for a longer period.
This stainless steel food container is lighter than glass containers and not easy to break. It is easier to take meals out, and more convenient to heat or store food.

*When heating in the microwave, please remove the lid.
* Place one stainless steel lunch box at a time, please do not put more than one lunch box in the microwave at the same time.
*Please avoid direct contact between the stainless steel lunch box and the inner wall of the microwave oven.
*Do not place empty stainless steel lunch boxes in the microwave.
*Do not use sharp and pointed objects directly in the stainless steel lunch box to cut food.
*Use in the microwave for no more than 10 minutes and for warming up food only.
*Do not make popcorn directly in the microwave.
*Do not cover the stainless steel lunch box with aluminum foil/cling wrap when used in the microwave.
*After the stainless steel lunch box is heated, be careful not to burn your hands.