PG1788 Ag+W Kills Bacteria Bottle 600ml

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Kill 99.99% of Bacteria


Kill 99.99% of Bacteria 

Our Ag+W engineering team find that many anti-bacteria coatings available in the market are with uneven silver ions deposit on coating surface, causing to low sterilization function.
In 2016, we had a technology break through by using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) with help of mid-frequency sputtering coating technique. It forms a very beautiful coating on work piece surface. Our team uses tungsten to form a fundamental coating and then in-plant nano-silver particles into the coating.  Both tungsten and silver have good sterilization function, synergies a dual effect to kill bacteria.  In addition, the silver particles are protected by hardness of tungsten. It makes the Ag+W coating strong and long lasting.



Ag+W Coating   VS   Liquid Cleaner
Liquid cleaning is a one-time cleaning, which allow bacteria to grow again and spread out before another cleaning. Ag+W is able to kill bacteria continuously. Moreover, it is dangerous to frequently clean up hands by using liquid. It removes the human oil from skin and causes infection.


Made in China

3 Bottles