PG1766 ABA Kill Bacteria Coated Military Dog Tag (with crystals) and Silver Necklace

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Kill 99.99% of Bacteria

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Kill 99.99% of Bacteria 

Our ABA engineering team find that many anti-bacteria coatings available in the market are with uneven silver ions deposit on coating surface, causing to low sterilization function.
In 2016, we had a technology break through by using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) with help of mid-frequency sputtering coating technique. It forms a very beautiful coating on work piece surface. Our team uses tungsten to form a fundamental coating and then in-plant nano-silver particles into the coating.  Both tungsten and silver have good sterilization function, synergies a dual effect to kill bacteria.  In addition, the silver particles are protected by hardness of tungsten. It makes the ABA coating strong and long lasting.



ABA Coating   VS   Liquid Cleaner
Liquid cleaning is a one-time cleaning, which allow bacteria to grow again and spread out before another cleaning. ABA is able to kill bacteria continuously. Moreover, it is dangerous to frequently clean up hands by using liquid. It removes the human oil from skin and causes infection.



Length: 55cm

Made in China