PG1383 e.window® iBag – Small Storage Bag 480 x 600mm


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Ideal for travelling, on business, moving home, or simply maximising domestic storage space, this is an excellent way of reducing a large quantity of clothing or even bulky goods such as duvets and pillows by up to ½ of the original volume while providing water, dust, and insect proof protections!



Simply zip the bag after storage by using the double zipper, then extract air out from the bag by plugging a household vacuum into the bag’s vacuum valve. 



To suit all requirements the following types and sizes are available:




Item                  Size (mm)                  Applications

Jumbo               900 x 1050                Wool Quilt, Pillow, Quilt

Large                 700 x 900                  Bedsheet, Cushion, Blanket, Throw

Medium            550 x 700                  Winter jacket, Jumper

Small                480 x 600                  Sweater, Out-of-season clothing



  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep away from sparks, flames or sharp objects
  • Do not overfill the bag with items
  • Do not store in high place to avoid fall-related accident.


  • This product can reduce volume but not the weight.
  • Handle the compressed bag with care as it could inflate if damaged.
  • Do not store furs, leather/silk clothing, or clothing which creases easily.
  • Do not store any chemically treated clothing (e.g. urethane coated) as they can be damaged when compressed.
  • Never place living object in the bag.
  • Do not expose the bag directly to the sun.
  • Eliminate dust and dirt in the vacuum cleaner before extracting air out from Smartbag.

Dimension: 480 x 600 mm

Made in Korea