PG1236 Elegant Window® Silicone Collapsible Steamer (1.44L)

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Struggling with space? No worries – this collapsible steamer allows maximum food storage space for steaming while storage after use is kept to the minimal.


Vegetable, meat and fish etc. can be cooked by using this Silicone Baking Steamer in the microwave, oven or steam it in the cookware.


You can cook without oil or use a little amount of oil to make healthy meals.


An internal removable steam tray is also included to filter the oil from the meat while cooking.


Made from high quality silicone material, this innovative 26cm x 22cm collapsible silicone steamer is:


  • suitable for use in microwave, oven as well as steam cookware
  • multipurpose – it can be used for steaming as well as general food storage
  • safe to use – product tested and passed FDA & LFGB
  • able to withstand extreme temperature of up to 280°C
  • resistant to flavours absorption and discolouring
  • easy to use and wash (safe in a dishwasher)

It comes with a semi-transparent lid, a collapsible color body and a removable color steam tray.


Available body color: Transparent Orange, transparent yellow, transparent green and transparent blue.


Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow