PG1235 Elegant Window® Silicone IH Cooker Mat

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Wanting to protect the surface of your electric ceramic cooker from scratches and spillage? Why not try Elegant Window® state-of-the-art Silicone cooker mat?!


It is designed to do just that – its ring-shaped feature prevents interference with the hobs’ sensors, allowing minimum disruption to the cooking process while protecting the ceramic surface from scratches and spillage. In addition it is:


  • safe to use – product tested and passed European Standard (with references to EN 1186-1:2002, EN 1186-2:2002 and EN 1186-3:2002)
  • able to withstand extreme temperature of up to 280°C
  • resistant to flavours absorption and discolouring
  • easy to use and wash (safe in a dishwasher)

PLEASE NOTE: This product is unsuitable for grilling, barbecuing (BBQ), smoking, roasting or any other burning techniques whereby the product is in direct contact with flame. 


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